Re-think it!

With the change in seasons comes my urge to
 shop, shop, shop!

So, I have a few options:
- Shop with funds that are not yet in my bank account
(NEVER acceptable, NEVER truly an option!)

- Waste time looking at all the new spring and summer styles
(although it's never a waste of time when I'm market shopping for my clients, right?)

- Put my "will-to-shop" energy right back into 
what I have
in my 

Which looks like this:

Totally joking.

But in all seriousness, this is what a gal's got to do when she's on a budget.  
RE-think what you've got.  

This is a great time of year to
- layer up & layer down for the flighty weather changes
- continue wearing your leather boots (go ahead, show a little skin, sans tights!)
- get the goods that you want to add for the season
at the perfect price for you.

Here are some of my most recent pairings...
Some vintage, most are clearance,
all are versatile!

Backyard cookout
cropped sweater with strappless tank,
light weight skirt, boots, statement piece

Rocker Chic
Goodwill 80's oversized floral top, 
Collection skirt from J.Crew (clearance!)
FRYE boots, stacked bracelets from Stella & Dot

Date Night
Goodwill blazer, Ann Taylor silk top (clearance!)
pressed white shorts, Sam Edelman sandal
Stella & Dot spiral bracelet

If you're still at a loss after you've rummaged through your closet,
check out

- make money from stuff you don't want
- find comparable items that you've seen in magazines and stores
(always a good option!)

- come get styling tips from 
on Monday, April 2nd
enter to win a free 2 hour 
styling session in your home!

Remember, this isn't about shopping for new cheap stuff made of poor quality.  
Better to buy used good quality than
new poor quality!