Perk Up Your Pout!

I can remember the day(s) of snatching my mother's Christian Dior fire-engine-red lip gloss out of her purse, sneaking it into my little coat pocket and darting into choir practice...

I kid you not, this is the EXACT lipstick that Mom used to have!
I can just hear my mom wondering aloud (and glancing at me in the rearview mirror) "Now where did I put my lipstick..."  Meanwhile, I'm frantically scraping my top teeth against my bottom lip and my bottom teeth against my top lip.

Who knows where that fabulous bright gloss crept off to...

Clearly, it's been a long time coming.

I looooove lipstick!

I started wearing lipstick (again) in my third year of college when I found --- and I truly think that this could be clinically proven --- that I was FAR more productive when I put my lipstick on.  

It became kind of a joke, I'd put my lipstick on and ...
Also, it drove my sister mad (at first.)

The combination of productivity and making my 
big sister crazy was enough to keep the theme running and 
my lipstick stock growing!

My lipstick/gloss collection
and Burt's Bees ... they have fabulous colors! ---

(and I drug others into my fetish, too!)  

If you haven't yet taken the time to test out a little color on your pout, do yourself a great big service and try out a few different colors to find a shade that suits your color palette ... and the occasion!
*Notice that one "occasion" is a trip to the grocery store... win!