It's not about fashion.

The women that I work with 
(for the most part!) 
do not look like this:


they look more like this:

-dove campaign-

(and truthfully... which group of women looks HAPPIER?!)

The little sister of a childhood friend recently messaged me to "talk fashion." She'd heard about my work and was interested in what I was doing in the world of fashion.

I love that God put this young woman in my path at this moment in time.  

Friends and family members have tried to explain to their families and friends the work that I'm involved in.  Sometimes, when I hear what they share with others, my eyebrows shoot up!  I think to myself well... that's... not... quite it... 

Receiving this inquisitive message from this young woman 
about "my fashion job" gave me the perfect opportunity to 
"correct" any false notions about what I do 
(she'd heard about my business from another friend.)

it's not so much about fashion.

It's about grace.  
It's about combat.
It's about confidence.  
It's about peace.

Yep! Combat!
The power to combat the negative
messages that we receive as women.

Yes, peace.  
Peacefully accepting yourself
as the precious child of God that you are.

I don't think I could say it much better than I did in the 
message sent to this young woman from my hometown... 
so, here it is:

... I have, indeed, been very blessed start this business which is such an extension of my heart for women.  I was a Women's Studies & French double major at Agnes Scott, a small, liberal arts, women's college (I went to Wofford first... that was a bust!)  I have a passion for empowering and encouraging women.

I hardly consider myself in the business of "fashion" 
... isn't that funny?
When I think of "fashion" I think of Victoria Beckham...
whom I admire as a 
style ICON
for her classic yet punchy, chic, and yes,
"posh" look...

But my job is not about putting women in the hottest, latest trends.
I work with real women with real hips!

I do not encourage women to run after the latest trends because... not all trends look great (or even decent) on all body shapes.  In the intimacy of my clients' homes, we work together to figure out just what makes them feel most beautiful.  

I have found that at any and every stage of life, women want to feel good about the way they look.  It doesn't matter what the budget is, what the job is, what the weight or size is... women want to feel good about themselves.  

My role in this is to help women recapture (or sometimes capture for the first time) the confidence they so, so deserve to have.