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Wish You Were Here Custom Design & Consulting


"" is no more!

Thanks to my precious, amazing and very talented new (wonderful!) friend Ryan Nix, of 

is finally in effect!

Since our first meeting, just five days ago, Ryan has worked tirelessly to produce a design for my logo and she is now working on my image for my site.  I could not be more excited to a) KNOW Ryan & be her friend! and b) have the pleasure of working alongside her.  Ryan has totally allowed me to integrate anything and everything that I want into my logo... or as I have been calling it, "my baby."  

I always thought it was very, very odd to I hear people call their small business "their baby" ... but, now I can see where that comes from.  The production and formation of a business is such an emotional yet exciting time!  Thank goodness for Ryan, she has been like the equivalent of a birthing coach through this whole process.  Stay tuned for more changes, coming soon!

Check out Ryan's website & AMAZING blog!  "Wish You Were Here" or (wish) the blog, offers incredible pictures -- many of them taken by Ryan, herself, great Pinterest pins (!) and more.  


- LGC -