"That's my GO-TO" -- Part I

I hear this quite frequently when organizing and styling women's closets.
"Oh, that's my go-to _________________" (enter blouse, slacks, slippers, rain jacket, frumpy gardening tee, black pumps...)

Having "go-to" items are both a blessing and a curse

A blessing because when you're in a hurry and have no time to think about what to wear to such and such, you crave familiarity and the notion that when you throw on that one magical article of clothing or some specific selection of pieces, you will feel and look fabulous.  
You dash out the door hoping that you won't see any of the people you've seen for the past several days since... you've repeatedly worn your "go-to" outfit or article of clothing since last Thursday.

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Go-to outfits and pieces are a curse because well, where do I start?
-Number one, you end up getting a little too comfortable with that article of clothing and you wear. it. to. death.  

-Number two, by wearing just a small handful of what's in our closets, we neglect all the wonderful clothing that waits idly in our dressers and sleeps in our drawers while we re-wear and re-wear and re-re-re-re-wear our "go to" pieces.

-And lastly, when your "go-to" is finally too "tired" (read: pilled, punched & pulled) to wear, you do one of the following:
   a) keep it in your closet (because after all, it gave you a great several seasons) 
   b) wear it anyway (pit stains and all -- yikes!) or 
   c) toss it and buy an exact replica.

^^^ Tut tut, friends. Allll bad habits.
If January 2012 isn't the perfect time to get out of your wardrobe ruts and icky dressing habits than I don't know when is!  I'm not bullying you into throwing out your "old faithfuls," I just want you to consider mixing in your "I never wear that" items with your go-to's.  You might surprise yourself.  You might scare yourself... if the latter happens, call me.
Wardrobes by Lillian Charles
"Classic with a Twist"