photo credit: Harriet Charles (mom)
Paris, Fall 2010

When we found this little gem in Paris, we had to capture the quote!  It was as if this shirt was made for us (me and Mom).  My business as a personal stylist always, always starts in my clients' closets with what they already have.  Yes, chances are you (already) really do have everything you need.  

Except for when you don't just quite have everything you "need" ... and it is so easy to believe that you don't when the season's sales are in full bloom!  Your inbox is flooding with pretty little "must haves" all on clearance and final sale.  Yes, when the sales come raining down, it's easy to turn your wants into needs!

Here are a few of my favorite "needs*" right now:

-Ann Taylor-
original price: $228
sale: $99
Thankfully Ann Taylor's online store is out of my size so
I don't have to be completely tormented & tempted.
original price: $484
sale: $239
I just need to share the description because it
is so 
WLC (Wardrobes by Lillian Charles)
Thick, chunky multicolored tweed forms an edgy interpretation of a classic silhouette. A fringed trim finishes the look with an extra bit of unexpected style.

This amazing dress that I would wear every day.
original price: $218
sale: $109
I don't own anything like this.
So, obviously... I "need" it. 

Terracotta wash J Brand 
High Rise Skinny Stretch Jeans
original price: $189
sale: $99.90
As of right now, I only have turquoise,
gray, ivory, black and denim skinny jeans.
I knew I was missing a color...

original price: $1,695
sale: $1,017
pocket change... ha!

-Stella & Dot-
original price: $228
sale: $136.80
A fashion editorial favorite for Fall 2011,
it's amazing that this piece is on sale!

Keep in mind that these are mini splurges on patterns and not-so-classic styles (booties & dress) but it's great fun to have those extra spicy things hanging in your closet for a special occasion.  And you know what I say about special occasions... if you don't have one, make one!  Make every day that you are alive a special occasion!

*You have absolutely everything that you need for joy, fulfillment and peace right there inside of you.  Shopping is fabulous (I don't think I need to actually say that), but true joy comes from loving yourself from the inside out!