A Cloudy Day with Lillian Gray

I get excited to get dressed.  Every day.  Isn't that odd?  Some people absolutely dread it but me?  I bound out of bed every morning excited to "play" in my closet!  Today is a super blah, cloudy, gray day in Atlanta and I'm in my little loft -- taking care of business. 

My taking care of business face.

Thoughts while getting dressed this morning
What pants can I be comfortable sitting in all day?  
What top lets me breath and move around, unrestricted?
What glam can I throw on to make myself feel like a sparkle princess?
What to wear/use for a pop of color?

Here's the end product:

Skinny gray pants from GAP -- 
mine are from Fall '11 & they zip in the back, giving me a "flat" front!
the Stevie necklace (ADORE!)
 the new hematite studs
and the Sole bracelet  

Where's the COLOR in this outfit?
Persian Melon lipstick by REVLON
My "go to" brightest shade of pink:

photo credit: Beauty Ambition blog

 I also have this "blonde" fur vest 
t0 throw on for a little warmth and extra pop!

I'm wearing my Justin Boots
--  which I've had  for years but Zappos still has them... they're classic!  --

but the skinny pants, long tee + jewelry go 
with pumps, flats or "riding" boots.

Happy Friday!