Getting to Know Your Stylist

What is your current obsession?
Super sparkly, embellished, studded pumps & wedges!!! 
See Piperlime's "Party Chic Shoes
Personally, I wouldn't save these for a "party occasion" make everyday a party... wear 'em to the grocery store.
Who inspires you?
My mom
She says I help her get dressed and show her how to wear things but most of what I know about styling and personal style, I learned from her.  ((More on that later.))  My mom is totally a classic beauty and has classic style -- with a funky flair from time to time.  She keeps up with the trends and adopts them into her fantastic wardrobe of classic pieces; which is something I help my clients do.
How many women do you know who wear a glorious & glam 
silk embroidered kimono immediately after giving birth?
Answer: one, my mom.
My Grandmother
"Don't forget to put your lipstick on" 

Talk about a woman obsessed with quality.  Grammy is 89 years old and any time we go shopping together I LOVE to watch her sweet, nimble, long elegant fingers run over the things she's interested in.  She holds blouses and skirts up in the light and carefully checks for wrinkling, pilling, etc.  She checks all the tags to see how to care for the article and what it is made of.  Never would my Grammy buy something that wouldn't last for less than ten years.  She has a black wool skirt that she got after she and my grandfather got married... some 60 years ago.
What’s "worth the money"?

If you love it, if it's good quality, if you think it will last and it makes you feel good, then it’s worth it :)  
Examples:  a great pair of classic boots, leather jacket (no crazy zigs & zags that will be awkward in a year or two), a good wallet, belt or purse, a comfy & reliable watch.  You can see where my money goes...
What is the one thing you wouldn’t spend a lot of money on?

Tough one... but probably anything that is super, super, super trendy and I know I'll only enjoy for a season, max.  With that said, I can't think of anything that I've bought cheaply because it's just hot for the moment... I typically try to stay away from those items! 

If I know I want something that is very "now," I don't run to the nearest 'Forever 21' to get it.  I wait for a reputable brand (read: quality) to produce the look and then snatch it up when it hits the sale rack.   

What’s your secret to making yourself stand out?

Wearing whatever the heck I want. Seriously. I am most comfortable when I'm wearing what makes me feel really awesome-jawsome.  My style is 100% an expression of my personality... which can mean that sometimes it's loud & obnoxious :)

Silk blouse with hematite colored sparkle camisole, a statement piece & 5 inch wedge booties for a day at the farm? 
What is your favorite current trend?
Stacked bracelets(!!!)  I'm in the car for 46% of my life (not really but sometimes it feels that way) and I LOOOOVE looking down at my bling & sparkle!

What’s your favorite short cut to style?
Attitude & Confidence.  Do you feel amazing in what you're wearing?  Chances are you look pretty hot, too.  (Some restrictions may apply...)
(that's hot, huh?)
What’s the worst current trend?
IN MY OPINION...  Short, flat boots that aren't quite under the ankle booties and aren't quite 12-14 inches over the calf.  Sorry friends! Depending on your shape and height, they may or may not be completely cutting you off at the wrong point of your leg.  This makes for a super unflattering "squatty" look. Don't do it!

* I got this little list of questions from Inside Out Blog and YES! some of my answers are only slightly tweaked from the original author's because I couldn't have said it better myself!