Spotlight on lululemon

You've been wearing your work out clothes all day long... haven't you?  And you're thinking how can I break this sloppy habit?  Where in my day will I be able to squeeze in an extra hour (heck, an extra 25 minutes) to actually get ready, put on decent clothing and not look like a permanent gym rat?  I feel ya. And ya know what?  We're all guilty of it, sister.
My girl Kim does it:
 Claire Danes does it:

But what if there were a way to transition your work out wear into your daytime, everyday, work wear... stylishly?  What if the cropped pants that you wore to spin class could shift into the pants that you then wear to work, tucked into boots with a chic wrap?

These were my questions just a few months ago when I began to brainstorm the design of my own line of clothing specifically made for women who wish to work out and then wear those same clothes for the rest of the day, whatever the day calls for (more on how these clothes would never stink, later).  Now, I'm not about re-inventing the wheel.  If someone's already found a way to do something, I'm all about learning from the best and at least piggy-backing on their ideas.  If you can't beat 'em, join 'em.  And let me tell you, I could never beat the ultra sleek, uber feminine, sexy, comfortable, sweat-able, affordable lululemon.  
After spending a lovely, FUN, fashion-packed three hours with the amaaaazing ladies of lululemon in Buckhead's "Shops Around Lenox" --- I was (and am) soooo wanting a job with this fantastic brand!!! And that's what any sales team should do, inspire you to join whatever they are representing. SOLD!  
So, there isn't much to display, here, in terms of pictures because what's in store at lululemon changes about every two weeks with new & improved designs, new colors, patterns, new everything!  What is featured online is fairly basic but the fabrics and design changes.

A few of my favorite items:
- A pair of impeccable herringbone long leggings that look like they could be sold in SAKS, not to mention, they make you feel like you have the tightest buns on the planet.
- the "gratitude wrap" --- snuggly & luxurious yet high performance... what's not to love?
- the "be me tee" --- perfect for layering & really great paired with some lengthy S&D jewels!
- the "studio pant" --- these will make feel like you're in "Save the Last Dance," guaranteed.
- the "cross my heart" bra --- I swear I grew two cupsizes in this thing... & it's comfortable... how is that even possible?!

       ... for the rest, you'll just have to visit the Buckhead store to see it, yourself!!!