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Ask Team Zoe: Winter White Jeans
How To Wear Light Denim In Cold Weather
How To Wear Light Denim In Cold Weather
Dear @thezoereport,

I was looking for a great way to winter up my white skinny jeans. Any suggestions? – Carrie B. (@CDBtwinning), submitted via Twitter
Dear Carrie,

Such a good question! We recently found ourselves facing the same closet conundrum, so we tested out a few different outfit combinations before landing on today’s fresh looks. Follow our lead and you’ll strike in white.

Starting with the obvious focal point—the jeans—grab your light-wash summer styles as the base for your ensemble. If you are on the market for a new pair, we love J Brand’s Boot Cut Flares—in the color Snow!—MIH Jeans’ Paris Skinny style and Rag and Bone’sZipper Capris. Now, you have a couple different options for what to wear up top. For a night-on-the-town getup, we love the iconic effect of black tux jacket to juxtapose your winter white pants. Asequined blouse or faux fur coat, of course, work just as well in this instance. If you are going for a more casual, daytime ensemble, team bleached bottoms with a classic crew neck sweater or cozy winter-print cardi.

Once you’ve settled on your apparel, all that’s left to do is accessorize accordingly—we humbly suggest shearling booties, aluxe handbagpatent belt and patterned gloves—and you will knock ‘em dead in white!