Le Jour Des Morts

I have never celebrated "All Souls Day" ... which I learned today to be the day after "All Saints Day" (Halloween).  It's a time to commemorate, honor and remember the dead. Apparently.
Le Jour des Morts by William Adolphe Bouguereau
Today, we did just that in Sandy Bramlett's incredible NIA class. 
(example of NIA)
I honored my maternal grandfather's aunt, "Aunt Neale".... he's 91, so you can imagine that I never had the great blessing of meeting this woman.  Nevertheless, her legacy lives on in our family.  She was one of the first female missionaries of the 20th century to go to Nigeria and she stayed there.  For FORTY YEARS.  She preached the gospel and taught women personal hygiene.  

Although I never met my great, great Aunt Neale, I know who she was by the life that she lived and the legacy that she left behind.  She was a great woman, a brave woman, an intelligent and God-fearing woman; a person whose heart was truly on fire for Jesus.  All characteristics of the kind of woman that I want to be!