Me & My Daydreaming...

 Caretaking is perhaps my strongest love language. 

It’s one of the reasons why I can’t wait to be a nurse. 
And, if I’m honest with myself, it’s the reason why I long to be a mother.  One day.  

With no little ones of my own and no one else in my home to look after, I’ve been fantasizing about having a bungalow somewhere in the mountains where I would joyfully entertain friends & guests.
Because I spent a portion of my childhood summers in the mountains of North Carolina I am dreaming of nesting this little entertainment home somewhere in the Appalachian Mountains, close to creeks, lakes and hiking trails.  
In this fairy tale I imagine myself in a refurbished kitchen with enormous French doors and gigantic windows...
(photo credit: House Beautiful)
...that look out over bright green mountains in the spring
 and over gorgeous shades of gold and auburn in the autumn months
photo credit
Near Cashiers, NC 
My sister Julia, Daddy & Me

I distinctly remember walks in the morning with Mom.
On each little blade of green there are tiny dew droplets.
The possibility of a running across tiny snake in the trail was never too far off and it kept me alert and focused. 
In my fantasy of the future…
I imagine my morning coffee with Jesus Calling on my table before me as I watch the early morning haze slowly wake up and lift away from the mountains that they have blanketed all night long.
 I am preparing picnic lunches
to store away for guests to take on their day’s explorations or overnight camp-outs
I am making pies and churning lemon poppy-seed ice cream.

I am picking fruits and vegetables from my own organic garden
my own precious, precious grandmother in her own garden
and listening to Summit series sermon while I chop up my veggies.

I am blending berries and bananas for cool summer smoothies. 
I am fluffing pillows and making beds with gorgeous, crisp, vintage linens found in flea markets across the globe from previous travels.

I am quickly sliding on my favorite Keen'smy yoga pants and top and bicycling to 
the hot vinyasa yoga class at the bottom of the mountain.  
I have partnered with the studio to teach classes on the green to my guests in the evenings.
I am picking flowers and fresh greens from my small wild garden and installing
little floral arrangements for my guests in each bedroom of my home.

Most evenings my backyard is full of loved ones enjoying an incredibly 
relaxed yet elegant spread of food and wine...

Other nights my 3 or 4 standard poodles lounge luxuriously around the home, protecting me & keeping me company :-) at night when I have no guests.
photo credit
These are big, wide, deep dreams.  This fantasy home for entertaining is a place I have been escaping to often, lately.
Maybe this is what heaven will look like.