Make A Difference For One...

Some of you know that my dad and I will be traveling to Rwanda with a group led by Pamela Pyle, D.O. to serve with Africa New Life Ministries at the end of July.
Pamela in Rwanda on last year's mission

Africa New Life's founder Charles Buregeya has a well-known saying:
"You can't change the world but you can change the world for one."

photo courtesy of Florida State University
I met someone the other day who had a story that really stole my heart.  James Arinaitwe hails from rural Uganda and he is the only remaining member of his biological immediate family.  His four siblings died from preventable illnesses.  His mother died from cancer and his father died from AIDS.
In 2001 James graduated at the top of his high school class and worked as a translator in his village. In 2003, two Americans visiting Uganda met James and offered to put him through school in the US.  
Here, he has graduated valedictorian from a Florida community college, gone on to receive a Bachelor of Science from Florida State where he majored Biomedical Mathematics and is working toward receiving a Masters in Public Health.  James is passionate about returning to Uganda to delve into God's work there.  I am so, so certain that this "ONE" will make a huge difference for hundreds, if not thousands.  
The only one healthy enough to make it to school and learn English, his education was his ticket to receiving aid and education in US.  But he had to have his health to make the seven mile route to his school growing up.
James & me, being silly at Agnes Scott
Photo courtesy of  Alena D'Auria
You have the power to sponsor a child in Rwanda with vitamins & anti-parasite medication for an entire year with a donation of just $15.
Healthy children are the children who are most likely to make it to school regularly.  
We all know that education leads to poverty alleviation.  
Will you choose to make a difference for one child?  
Photo courtesy of Africa New Life Ministries

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