Tap Tap Moments

Remember what I was saying about "tap tap moments" in a post a few days ago?  My family had another "tap tap" surprise yesterday, when my little brother Austin was selected for a great adventure through Furman University.
Austin will be one of the select few of the incoming Freshman class at Furman to travel to CHINA this summer... FOR FREE!!  This is all after finding out that he is also a Furman Hollingsworth Scholar...!
Yes.  Bragging about my little brother (and the rest of my family, for that matter) is fun. 
 And everyone in my family has something to be proud of.  
But the lesson in this story (post) is about God's tap tapping on our shoulders.

You see, my mom's two sisters plus their families and my sister and I live in Atlanta.  Austin had his heart set on Emory University for a long, long time.  He was totally set on going to school there.  But he didn't get in.  Now, here we are several, several months away from that heart break, and God has shown up in our lives in an incredible way by providing Austin with enormous opportunities at a school where we believe he will thrive.
Now my little baby brother (who will always be my little BABY brother) is growing up
and seeing that God does always have a plan for those who love Him.
From sprout size:
to full-grown macho man:
God always protects and provides...
And when we "receive" that plan, we must listen to the tap-tapping on our shoulders that reminds our hearts to call upon the Lord and give HIM thanks.

This next chapter of Austin's life is going to be so exciting.
We are so proud of you!!