Lovely Ladies' Dinner Party...

Thanks to everyone who made my dinner party such a success by attending!! I had such an amazing time and I hope everyone who came did, too.  On the eve of the party, the weather outside was slightly chillier than usual May nights in Atlanta and I left my huge windows propped open to provide flow throughout my apartment.  
I ended up serving pork tenderloin marinated in lime juice, hoisin sauce and garlic
roasted asparaguswhole wheat bread loaves
 and a salad of
romaine lettuce, blueberries, blue cheese, walnuts & a special vinaigrette recipe!

Dessert consisted of my sister's Godiva brownies & a fruit pizza from the
Dekalb-Decatur Farmer's Market

As for decorations & ambience, I chose fluffy ivory hydrangas for my pine table:
and added new photos in frames from my mom in areas that needed more color:

My favorite part of the set up was my beverage table
--an ancient stationary that was once my great aunt's--
was transformed into the wine bar:
(I took the picture after the party... there was much more wine before the guests arrived!!)

I only planned one activity for the evening (other than eating, drinking & talking!) and was to have my guests share something that they were proud of or something positive that was going on in their lives. 

What an awarding experience this was.  From Rebecca who just completed her Masters of Public Health to Emily who just received a promotion at work.. I was so impressed with my girlfriends!  
But it wasn't just about status accomplishments.  Many women shared their increased faith in the Lord and the plans that He is revealing to them, some shared that they had reached a sense of purpose in their homes, others shared that they had come through something painful and difficult only to find peace waiting at the opposite end of a dark tunnel.  This was by far my favorite part of the evening!!
Everytime I have someone, or some people, over to my apartment, my love for entertaining is reaffirmed.  I would love to make entertaining as regular as my wallet will allow and continue to share my love of cooking & catering with as many possible.  Since my dinner party, I have been wondering if God has a plan for me to use my love for entertaining in some unique way... stay tuned to see!!