High Museum of Art in Atlanta, GA

Just a day short of the "Toulouse Lautrec & Friends" exhibition leaving the High Museum of Art, Julia and I made a trip to see the display of French art.  

Here are some of my favorites:
(Is she cleaning this lamp? Not sure.)
Please excuse the slanty-ness, I was using my Android
 Mine & Julia's fav:
"Reine de Joie" = Queen of Joy
In my opinion, but not to my surprise, Toulouse's best pieces were absent. 
This is what I was hoping for:

However!! We did come across another exhibit that we thought was amazing:
(I think he is so cute)
Okay, check out this map. Look closely. See ALLLL those tiny lines? 
Those were places that Henri visited & photographed...
Now, look at all the different maps! Each one is as traversed upon as the one above. 

I wasn't allowed to photograph his work so, I'm posting some of the images of his that are on the web. 
Here's a photo he snapped of Coco:
She is doin' her thang, isn't she?
Looks like I've got relationships on my mind...