Favorites in Florals

My mom sent me a piece of her devotion that the other day that reminded me to watch carefully for God's hand in my life.  When planning my dinner party a several weeks ago, something told me it should only be women.  Now, I recognize that God wanted me surrounded by women who I love at a time in my life when HE knew I would be hurting, grieving, devastated (I could go on)
As my mom said, "Sometimes God taps you on the shoulder and says, 'See there? 
I knew you would need this, I knew" 
And God does know.
Thanks for the reminder, Mom.
So, here I am, looking at floral arrangement plans for my party tomorrow night, my mom is so good at this.  I wish I had her green thumb... hopefully I'll "grow" one.  I want something soft, plush and "low."  I want people to be able to look across the table at one another and not have to move a large vase.  I also want an arrangement that can be dispersed throughout the apartment as people will be sitting all around (not enough room for 15 at my dinner table!)
These are all from "House Beautiful"
I am obsessed with hydrangeas and this is what I'll probably end up using because they are so casually elegant with fluffiness
I like how this arrangement looks like the florist just threw this bunch in the vase without lots of trimming & grooming (stuff I don't know how to do.)  Not to mention
I have an affinity for cut glass... see pitcher
Low and elegant, this arrangement is cute in the mug!
Okay, disregard the weird dog mug at the bottom of the picture.
I love the mix of all these bright colors and that they are not all in matchy-matchy vases