Christ in Your Cardio

or maybe just in your car...
Over the past year I've really tried to bulk up on my Christian music selection.  I definitely go through phases of oh-my-gosh I just want to hear something secular but... that usually turns into my listening to trash for a while and then I'm back to wow... that was toxic for my thinking patterns... time to switch back to (uplifting musician entered here.)  In the past few months TobyMac has been in my car, on my ipod & blasting from my little macbook. Catchy, uplifting tunes that give my heart a positive message to repeat for as long as I can focus on the lyrics --- gracias, Toby.
So, because I love my readers and care about what you put in your ears and in your brains, I'm sharing my top favorite Christian beats that I've been jamming to in my car & in the gym (fast songs only, of course.) 
side note: 
as I'm writing this post at home, my mom says "This sounds like IamWilliam" 
"Who?" I say.
"The Blacked Eyed Pea... you know his name is... Will.I.Am!!  He's really talented." -Mom
"He can do acrobatics." -Dad
How many parents know who Will.I.Am of the Black Eyed Peas is?! Anyway...

Click on the black links to sample the songs!!
Newsboys: Born Again

Steven Curtis Chapman: DIVE
(I danced to this song as a camper at Camp Crestridge for Girls!)

Chris Tomlin: Indescribable

Mandisa: Stronger

And... my favorites, all TobyMac
(disregard the videos, they are super lame & home-made)

 TobyMac: Made to Love
TobyMac: Burn For You
TobyMac: Hold On