The past few weeks have been filled with blessing after blessing.  Going to Utah with Jeff was such an incredible experience; I feel like we both grew from it immensely.
Jeff is such a good, solid man and has so many incredible talents that I know he will share with the world to make it a better place.  He is patient, caring, encouraging, enthusiastic and driven.  I am so blessed to be a part of his life!!  In spending more time with his parents (I went on vacation with them last spring, too), I was able to understand where Jeff gets many of his wonderful qualities.
Jeff, Marty (Jeff's mother) & Joe (Jeff's father)
 Me & Jeff
When I got home from Utah, my mom, dad, sister and brother waited for me in my new apartment in Decatur.  They had moved in all of my furniture while I was on vacation!!  I have such an amazing family.  In the days that followed, I told my mom how overwhelmed I was with my parents graciousness and their willingness to furnish my first apartment.  It is SO cute, ya'll!  I'm almost hesitant to put up too many pictures because I want everyone to come see it, in person!!!  I mean it is slammin' adorable.

As for work, I'm enjoying being a nanny.  It is fulfilling work and, as a Croatian grandmother told me at a playground the other day, "it is one of the most important jobs in the world" --- yes, I would agree, right up there with being a mother!!  Sometimes I want to pull my hair out but I'm learning a lot about parenting, discipline and negotiation :-) God has really shown up in this area of my life, as I knew he would.

"Commit your work to the Lord and your plans will be established"
Proverbs 16:3

I have prayed for good families to be a part of and He has showered me with tons and tons of opportunities.  I now need to work on seeing my friends in Atlanta far more often than I currently do!!

I want to advertise something that my church, Peachtree Presbyterian, is doing this Lenten Season.  The church has organized loads of opportunities to provide its members with ways to interact with the local Atlanta community in an effort to give back not just (or instead of) giving up something.  This is something that I hope will become a tradition for Peachtree Presbyterian.
I'm so pumped for my volunteer opportunities coming up...
I'll be stationed at "Kindred Spirit" (click here to sign up & join me!)
 on Thursday the 14th in the evening 
 assisting with KidMix 
on Saturday the 16th (click here to sign up & join me!)

I hope that Atlanta FairPoodle followers will consider joining me in volunteering OR pick another way to serve our community.  There is so much need right here in Atlanta.