Lovely Ladies' Dinner

I simply can't stand it! I must blog about the fantastic dinner party that I'm hosting for approximately twenty of the loveliest women that  I know in Atlanta.  I wish I could invite so many more, from all over but let's face it --- 600sq ft. can only hold so many outrageous and fabulous personalities!! I shan't give away my menu completely but I'll share some of the ideas I've had:
This first recipe is one that I loved as a kid.  The best description/instructions that I found for it were found from the blog "My Affair With Truffles" -click the link for complete details-
Crispy Special K Chicken

 Char-grilled lemon chicken
(too bad I don't have a grill...)
recipe & picture courtesy of womanandhome
-click the link for complete details-

Another personal fav,
Honey, Soy + Mustard Seed Baked Salmon
recipe & picture courtesy of the food network
-click the link for complete details-

Gourmet Pizza!
Bell Pepper, Red Onion & Goat Cheese Pizza
recipe & picture courtesy of "Love & Olive Oil"
-click the link for complete details-

I decided on something completely different from all of these but which do you like?