A few choice pieces

I haven't been posting about my new apartment because I was scared that people wouldn't visit if they already knew what the inside looked like... don't want to kill the suspense!!  So! I'm sticking with that until after the dinner party that I'm holding on Wednesday.  Here are some of the lovelies that I found while looking for furniture, etc. for 406A.  (please excuse the poor quality of the photos below, they were taken on my Android.)  I have attempted to sort these "few choice pieces" by where I found them and very hopefully have not given credit to the wrong places!

Palmetto Peddlers of Florence, SC
I adore this original oil painting in a fabulous frame.
(wasn't even close to my apt color scheme though)
These skinny French doors make for great partitions in a loft like mine.
I'm really into chunky-heavy gold, especially when it comes to frames.
Here's a great mirror I found in Florence at Palmetto Peddler:

Carolina Collectibles of Florence, SC

I think this little table could be used in a variety of places and adds
such a precious pop of color... 

Kudzu Antiques warehouse in Decatur, GA.
This is the only piece that I'm posting that I actually own:

This awesome 6 foot long table stained pine table  looks great in the kitchen area of my loft.  I needed something fairly large and tall as my apartment ceilings are 16+ tall, anything smaller or rounded would have looked dwarfed in the space!

Cute, small four person table with tall legs:
Funky set of green glasses:
Neat bedside or corner table with storage:
(terrible quality of photo, sorry!!)
This chair is in terrific condition & is only $190, what steal!
I think I love it because it reminds me of a chair we had at home, growing up. 
I'm always on the look out for cool hutches, a nice one
can take up so much room on a large wall (like in my apartment) and draw the eye in on 
creative pieces or art displayed upon it. 
A beautiful cow print stretched over canvas, this would have gone
SO well with the couch that I have now:
Most importantly, this gorgeous girl, Charlie, and her mom are frequently
spotted lounging around at Kudzu Antiques