City of Refuge

The City of Refuge stole. my. heart.  Literally.  I can't stop thinking about it.  I look at their webpage any and every time that I have internet access (which does not include my apartment.)  I want more!  I know that this is God speaking to my heart and speaking to my purpose, HIS purpose.  To serve and to love.
I walked into the City of Refuge, late, for my assigned time to volunteer for the Lenten service opportunity that I had committed to through my church, Peachtree Presbyterian.  As I sat down behind about twenty other volunteers from various outlets, the leader immediately caught my attention:
 a hospital is being built on the grounds of City of Refuge.
1,500 patients served per month
8 examination rooms
6 dental chairs
2 operating rooms

Please, please, please consider donating to this cause.  The area in which City of Refuge is located is one of the most murderer-filled, crime-packed, drop-out crowded, poor-health loaded square miles in the country.  And this is where God is working, daily, through the people of City of Refuge.  To learn about their mission and vision, click here.

They take in mothers, children, the homeless, they feed and clothe the neediest people in Atlanta; they train people with skills to find jobs (for example, they teach people to cook in their community kitchen which gives them the ability to apply to be short-order cooks!)
The City of Refuge does so, so much and I know and believe that the HEAL Community Clinic will be another gigantic step in the direction of helping this impoverished and desperate community of people.  Please PRAY and pray about giving!!