A Room of One's Own

That's exactly what I'll be "officially" moving into (I was sleeping on a blow up mattress before I left...) when I get home from vacation with Jeff!  After looking all over Atlanta, I've ended up right where I wanted to be from the get-go, at Ice House Lofts in Decatur, GA.  One floor up from my sister's apartment. Call me crazy, but my small, open studio with two fans, three huge windows and a patio is all I need.

I want to high light a couple of the places I looked at while on my apartment hunt because, all financial stresses aside, I love looking at living spaces.  I'd already gotten a feel for the type of space I wanted since I'd apartment hunted with Jeff and Julia.

Although I'd done lots of research on my own, I had the help of a Promove star, Blake Ballard, who helped me for literally hours to make sure that I did not look over a single potential property.  I highly recommend Blake if you visit Promove!  
Here are a couple of the apartments that made my final cut off list... 
... all of these places were great but none had the combination of safety & security, reliability of maintenance crew, location, price, amenities, natural sunlight, etc. that Ice House seems to offer.  Yay!