"Glamorous Updates"

How do I even start back to blogging after months of such a wild hiatus?  At first, it wasn't that I didn't have time... it was that I had nothing exciting to blog about.  Now, I feel that I haven't had time and have had too much to blog about!  I guess the latter isn't such a bad thing.
So, here are the glamorous (ha!) updates:
-- after scouring the city of Atlanta for meaningful and well-paying work, I have made the crazy and wonderful decision to be a full-time care-taker for several different families!
-- the plan is to do this while I gain residency in Georgia
-- I have found the PERFECT apartment in the harmonious...
-- I have a new position as GRADY volunteer
-- Along with my dad, I have committed to going to Rwanda on a medical mission trip in late July/early August with
Africa New Life where we will focus on Rwanda's Health System

I cannot express how thankful I am for all of the aforementioned opportunities.  Opportunities to work with children, work that will allow me to live in Georgia and come closer to my next goal (nursing school), the blessing of a new home and the chance to work with patients near and far.
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