The Bare Necessities

Or the "bear" necessities... however you want to look at it!

The studio rooms of Ice House Lofts allow residents to splash their creativity across a seemingly bare canvas of a space
(Marla Olmstead)
Which is exactly what we (my mom, sister and I) did in my sister's fantastic 900-something square foot apartment, one level below mine, in 2008. So, before we start doing that in my own place, here are some of the beginning shots of my humble little abode...
Entrance hallway...
 Exposed ceilings, cement floor
 lots o' natural sunlight :D
 area where my bed will go...
 full-sized walk-in closet to the right
 My sweet little kitchen that I'm already in love with...
 Me, in Georgia!
 Temporary decorations until the rest of my stuff gets to Atlanta

 My clothes, lonely for the rest of my closet that is still at home in SC
For all you interior design-junkies (ahem, Ms. Susan, that would be you!) I'm so excited to post some of the MANY treasures that I came across while antiquing in both South Carolina and Georgia.

p.s. How do you like Fair Poodle's facelift?