Things to look forward to...

This list was started in Paris when I was fiercely yearning for my home and Atlanta.  Now that I'm back (in Atlanta, currently) and so excited to have all of these fun things to do, in addition to exploring new parts of town... and... finding a job.  
-- My church in Atlanta: Peachtree Presbyterian Church 
    where my two aunts, three cousins, sister and I attend... all together.
    --> listen to sermons: here
    --> find service opportunities: here
-- Our Briarcliffe Beach: 
     ^^ Take me here and see how long it takes me to make you my bffl. 
-- My volunteer site, working with the homeless & uninsured: CAPN
-- Dancing Goats Espresso Bar in Decatur
-- Dance101 Classes
-- Ann Mashburn Boutique
-- Apartment hunting
-- Apartment decorating
-- DECATUR as a whole.
-- COOKING for myself!!!  
--  MY CAR: 
-- Octane Coffee Bars (& their baristas)
-- Lenox & Phipps
-- YOGA 
-- Chipotle!!