One sweet treat and a late, please.

In addition to loving on and cooking for my hunk-of-a-boyfriend, I've been doing... absolutely nothing.  No ... really, yesterday I sat at a coffee shop for four hours and changed the passwords to every single one of the websites that I belong to that requires a password.  
It helped the time pass.  
And pushed me one step further away from finding a job.  
Today, after two exhausting trips to look at apartments that I fell in love and can't afford, I was exhausted and knew I needed coffee before returning home.  So, there I was, pulled over in creepy Little Five Points in Atlanta, on the side of the road, "Yelping" to find the closest (independent) coffee shop.  I gave up as the rain came down harder and headed home.  As I drove up N. Highland Ave., I crept up on Highland Bakery.  Now there's a place to hunker down and look for a job on the internet, I thought to myself.  
But by the time I had reached the line for the bakery, I realized that I'd be blogging about Atlanta coffee joints, instead.  Why. Not.
Highland Bakery gets extra points right off the bat for their creation of this cake:
(which fed 400 people!!!)
It was created by Highland Bakery's very own Karen Portaleo.  
Portaleo and her colleague entered a Food Network cake challenge in October of last year and won!  Here is their final piece: 
Other Portaleo masterpieces: 
Anyway, I could spend hours and days looking through her book of masterpieces that sits here in the bakery.  So I'll leave you with the same opportunity to do the same, online: Karen Portaleo's cake photos.

Because I love coffee, tea and cozy hang out/study spots.. I'm going to be exploring (& potentially promoting?) other coffee joints, too. 

My very favorite of all (also where I met Jeff...): 
 Octane Coffee
My "home base":
 Decatur's Dancing Goats

"Sip" The Experience
Inman Perk @ Inman Park
Cafe Campesino Atlanta
Jittery Joe's
and Parish Foods & Goods
... to name a few!!