Top 10 Reasons to Study Abroad in Paris:

In addition, if you come in Spring of 2011, Nancy Thebaut will still be here:
(and she is an excellent tour guide)

Sweets & Treats:

(yes, the following two are mounds of chocolate)

these Poodles:

^^ this lady was NOT AT ALL happy that I snapped several shots of her with her dog.

Louis Vuitton flagship store:

Romantic photo opportunities:
(I was not able to take advantage of this aspect of Paris-living...
thankfully, my parents did.)

(mostly cheese, obviously)
but the yogurt is amazing, too:
(market yogurt... amazing.)

(regard - moped in the background)

Lunch in Luxemburg Garden:
on the upshot, France doesn't work:
(but steer clear of the greves)
Posted on December 11, 2010 .