"Noël" in Paris

I love Christmas in Paris!!!
One of the most wonderful things about being in Paris right before Christmas time is the displays of.. wait on it.. "Christmas cheer"! Lame as it sounds, it's true. I have no idea how long it's been going on but around the city there are multiple "Christmas Markets"... and anyone that has been following my blog thus far knows how much I just loooove a good market!!!
So, here is some Christmas-y goodness for you if you're having trouble finding your "cheer" this year... enjoy!
Happy Chanukah: 
 Chicken kabobs below? Or something...
that woman on the right is so cute...
French market goodies:
Christmas tree in front of Notre Dame:
Chestnuts roasting on an open fire...
 Mauled wine & pretzels!!!
Bricks of Chocolaaaaaate:

 Walking back from the markets on the Champs-Elysees:

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