Au revoir, Alyssa

When I decided to learn French, I never knew how many beautiful nuances I'd find in the language.  Unlike English, there are not words for every little "thing" or situation.  The French use more description or several words or a full phrase for something we'd say in one word.   Voir, for example, is the verb "to see" and revoir means, you guessed it, "to see again."  As most English speaking people know, "au revoir" is the expression for "goodbye."  

I'm thinking heavily tonight about the expression "au revoir," and it's meaning.  I haven't blogged so much recently because I don't know what to say.  So, I'm just going to let a few pictures do the talking.  Each one's worth a thousand words, right? 

Tours, France:
Arrival in Paris:
After a long day at Versailles:
Day on the Champs-Elysees:
Paris Bateau Rouge:
First apartment when Mom visited:
Salon du Vintage:
Nancy Spero exhibit, Centre Pompidou:
Christmas in Paris:
 After Louis Vuitton exhibit @ Musee Carnavalet:
 Notre Dame Christmas tree:
Last night with a group of 8 girls:
"Chin chin!"
Sweetbriar College JYF Christmas Party:
Alyssa's last night in Paris
spent @ Refuges des Fondues
with Jacqueline & Natalie:

Au revoir, see you again...