Artsies at le Grand Palais

A long time ago (ahem, read: September) Alyssa and I fell in love with a fantastic artist named Ginger McGann whom we discovered in Printemps as a visiting vendor.  We had hoped to meet her while she was in Paris but she left before we had the chance.  More recently, when my family came to Paris (see the three previous blog posts, they're winners... my family, not the blog posts) we actually ran into Ginger McGann in Printemps. Yes, I did walk up to her and ask her if she was who I thought she was.  She was wearing a leopard coat that felt like heaven. GLORY BE. I fell in love. With her. And the coat. And just to be clear about one thing... I am not a vegetarian for moral reasons. 

Anyway, Ms. McGann gave us some information about a jig going on at le Grand Palais, where her art was being featured in the salon des artistes independents (or something to that tune.)  Of course Alyssa and I had to check it out.  So, on a cold, cold day Alyssa and I ventured into the Palais Royale for a visit. And this is what we found*:
Love the warm colors in the following two:
 This next little one is for my sister, Julia, who lived in Kosovo this past summer:
 ^^ God bless you for making it out alive.
 i love texture i love texture i love texture i love texture i love texture:
 I've never been but... this made me think of Jeffy & Utah:
 This painting was gigantic and... texture-y :D
 I'd like to be friends with her:
 I should own this:
 For my future-surgeon-of-a-boyfriend: 

Unfortunately, I didn't whip out my camera until after we had passed Ginger McGann's artwork, so, I'm leaving you with a link to brilliant paintings on her website -- which you should ALL totally check out, for the painting AND for jewelry!!!

*Note: artists names were not made readily available at each piece of individual artwork. Please forgive me for not citing these....

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