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I've been trying to think about how on earth I could possibly relay the excitement I'm feeling right now, with 14 hours remaining until my mom, dad, sister and brother arrive in Paris.  I don't think there are words.  So, in celebration of the week to come, I'm going to share some "travel" photos from trips of years passed. 
Traveling is something that has been a part of my family's make up for many years now.  I would say that it started with my sister's first trip to France, when she was a junior in high school, but that wasn't really the start of it.  I feel so fortunate to say that both of my parents came from families with an appreciation for different cultures and world travel.  My father grew up in different different parts of the world (i.e. France & Japan, etc.) as a "military brat" and my mom's family sent she and her three sisters on world ventures, way, way before traveling was "trendy."  
 Ready for some throwbacks?
Julia & I were wee ones & Austin was still a star in the sky...
(and clearly, Mom was taking the pictures...)
First trip to Europe
family trip
l'Arc de Triumphe
Paris 2002
Me & Julia in front of Centre Pompidou
Paris, 2002
An Abbey in France:

Second trip to Europe 
family trip
 Annecy, France:
Dad & Me
Paris, France
Our trunk broke in the Loire Valley...
Austin showed us how we'd be able to shut the trunk...
with the chain that he stole from the yard of the chateau where we had stayed...

Mom & Lillian visit Julia in Paris
Julia did the same study abroad program that I am doing now
October 2005

My visit to Ljubljana, Slovenia
January 2008
Julia spent one year in Ljubljana, Slovenia as a Fulbright Scholar
I visited for one month & got "Interim" credit for Wofford College

Dad & Austin visit Julia in Slovenia
Spring 2008
the three of them traveled to Bosnia together:

Charles Family goes to Costa Rica
Christmas 2008
 Knit your heart out:
one foot height difference:
 Mud bath :)

Mom visits Julia in India
Summer 2009

Most recent!
Mom visits me in Paris
October 2010

Truly, the only way I can channel my excitement for tomorrow (now only 12 hours & 25 minutes until their arrival) is through this blog post.  And watching Harry Potter 5 after this.  I am sooooo pumped to hug and kiss my family. I can't wait to post pictures from our time together although I will NOT be giving a play-by-play detailed analysis of our trip, as I have done for my trip to Nice, to Greece and when my mom was here.  One week of family in Paris is WAY to much to describe blow-by-blow!  I'll keep this posted as much as possible. 

Pray for our safety (and sanity?) as we spend this incredible time together this week!!!

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