Off to Greece!

Yes, friends. This weekend I am going to GREECE!!! I have wanted to Greece for... practically my whole life. Well, mostly ever since the day I saw The Sister of the Traveling Pants, in 2005. So, for a little under 1/4 of my life, I have wanted to go to Greece. But you get the idea. I don't know a single soul who doesn't dream about vacay-ing in Greece. Best part? I am going with une vrai Grecque!!! Almost.  I'm going with Alyssa Bicos, whose father was born in Greece and moved to the United States when he was eighteen years old.  There, he met Alyssa's mother in Los Angeles.  Alyssa's mother is a first generation Greek-American (her parents were both born in Greece.) So, yeah, she's real Greek :)
Weee!  Alyssa and I will fly into Athens tomorrow (Friday, November 5th) morning and pass the day exploring, there. We are going to stay in a hostel (our first hostel experience ever!!) Family - don't worry, we got one room to share and so we won't have any crazy young drunkards barging into our sleeping area in the middle of the night.  Honestly, I'm not really sure what all is on the agenda, I just know I'm in good hands with Alyssa!! After exploring around more on Saturday, Alyssa's aunt will come pick us up in the late afternoon.
When Alyssa's mother's sister, Patty, met her Greek-American husband (name unknown as of present) in Los Angeles, they decided to get married in Greece and stay there.  Fifteen years later, Alyssa's aunt and uncle are still there, now with two daughters.  Alyssa and I will ride to Patty's little beach village Saturday night, stay with her family Saturday and Sunday night and get back to Athens on Monday morning to fly back to Paris... 
Pray for safe travels for us!
Alyssa & Me: