Massages in Paris

You may or may not know the fabulous nature of the iTouch/iPhone application called "My Little Paris" -- a must have if you're living in or visiting Paris. Or if you want a little slice of Paris, weekly.  I want to relay two recent email-notices pertaining to massages, one of which I have already taken advantage of!
"My Little Paris" featured an "Eat, Pray, Love" special last week and the "love" message was on loving yourself... I did just that at Espace Osada, the little spa that "My Little Paris" recommended.  I urge my fellow Paris inhabitants to check out this cozy little spot in the 14th arrondissement.  My masseuse, Stephane Pouy, was fabulous. His price? 50 euros!!  Price is the main reason (perhaps the only reason!) that I don't get massages more often in the States, but 50 euros was impossible to pass up. Click here to arrange your visit with Stephane.  
"My Little Paris" has also featured a world wonder that I have yet to explore but am excited to discover: Madamoiselle Zhang's massage salon. Yes! And it is only 40 euros... I'm so excited!