The Charles Family & The Berthelots

It is possible that the two aspects I love most about living in Paris are: 1) open air markets, the one right outside my apartment in particular and 2) my host family.  I have talked about these two things to my family lots since I've moved here and so, naturally, I was thrilled for my family to visit the Neuilly open air market and beyond thrilled that my family (especially parents) could meet my host parents -- who are a Godsend*.  My family met my host parents, Ann and Christian, at the Berthelot's beautiful, elegant home in Neuilly sur Seine on Thursday evening.  I didn't take many pictures (that night) because I though it would ruin the mood. But! I had taken pictures of my living space, previously.  
My host parents:
(don't mind silly Christian...)

 And, here, both sets of parents:
Dad, Ann, Me, Mom, Christian
 (I love that my dad is a GIANT!!!)

The living area where the Berthelots receive their guests:
 I love, love, love the interior design of this room. The antique chairs (left) recovered with lush velvet fabric, the old, classic paintings hanging on the wall mixed with the modernity of the coffee table and the couches with white accents. I want my house to look just like this one day!!  For privacy reasons, I don't want to share too, too much of the interior of my family's home but I will share a few of my favorite aspects that I just adore.

Food trolley:
-this is what Ann uses to bring the food into the dining room from the kitchen-
-and it's adorable-
I don't know what I love more, the gorgeous old wood floors or the oriental rugs that are layered around the house and down the hall:
Another tough call:
Which is more romantic? 
The iron wrought on our balcony or the view beyond the balcony?

My bedroom:
I have to brag.
The Berthelot's home is simply divine and just look at this bedroom they've given me for my stay with them.  I couldn't be more thankful or feel more blessed. I have a TV (well, I've never turned it on but... still!) with a dvd player, a fire place, a twin bed, and just look at those incredibly gorgeous French doors! In the words of Blake Funston, "Can you even imagine!?" 

Lastly, I have a few terrific photos to share with you
in terms of French lifestyle
with the Berthelots.

Ahh, you think this is a regular ol' bathroom...
ta daaa!!
Silly Americans!! 
Don't you know that the ceiling is a wonderful place from which to hang your wet laundry!?!?!?
With a pulley on the left side of the bath tub, Ann and I lower this drying rack to hang the wet laundry and they we just pulley it back up to the ceiling... to keep it out of the way, of course. Talk about a creative use of space!!

That's all for now.
"Olive" you all, readers.
17 days 'til I'm back in the US.

*I wanted to let a little time pass before blogging about my "new" or second host family in Paris.  I moved out of the first home I was in right at the beginning of November, upon my return from Greece.
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