The Charles Family at the Neuilly Marché

    The Neuilly market, for me, is like going to the tanning bed.  Not because I am bronze when I leave or more likely to have wrinkles and skin cancer but because the market literally sets me aglow with happiness. Not sure if that makes sense to anyone other than those who have frequented tanning beds at some point in their lives.  Anyway, the market is amazing.  Even if it's cold and rainy outside, I walk under the tents and smell the freshness of the "fruits de mer" (read: seafood), the freshly baked breads and the newly cut flowers, I see the bright colors of the vegetables, fruits, linens and scarves and I hear the friendly voices of the vendors who I've grown so fond of over the past few months... and all of that equates to sunshine for me.
    I took many, many photos when walking through the market with my family this past Wednesday and so, in addition to (potentially) framing some of these shots in my future kitchen, I'd like to share them with you.  
A good look at our food groups!!
(I probably won't be framing the following three... as a vegetarian!!)
i don't know how to categorize this/these:
 olive oils :)