Visitors in Paris -I-

Dear Friends,
My blog vacation is over!! Sorry I have not updated my blog in a total of 13 days! I was so busy with my three lovely guests in Paris and then with several school responsibilities that I've just had zero time to focus on my little blog baby. I apologize to those who crave their Parisian fix!! :)
I literally have some 700 photos from when my mom was here... so that's pretty much another reason I haven't blogged in a while. Lots of photos = totally overwhelming!!  They are all such cute photos and my mom is such a good photographer so she took so many great shots of Paris. I don't know how these next few posts will be organized.
I guess I'll start from the very beginning (a very good place to start..)

My precious mommy landed on October 14th at 6am and I patiently waited for her right outside of our AWESOME apartment. Special to thanks to HAVEN IN PARIS... an amazing apartment-rental service in Paris!!! You can check out our unbelievable place here: Carnot Apt by HIP
Lookin' pretty fly fresh off the AIRFrance Bus!
We met Mika, the HIP greeter, in the apartment and got snuggled into the apartment right off the bat.  I am definitely a big Mika fan :) Her mom is French and father is American. She grew up mostly in the States and has lived in Paris now for several years. She studied International Relations with a focus in Environmentalism and a Minor in Women's Studies... WIN!!! 
Mom & I set off to exploring the surrounding neighborhood of our apartment (ahem, the Champs-Elysées area) and then trotted off to one of my favorite parts of town: St.-Germaine-des-Pres.  One of my interests since moving to Paris has been, of course, food. I have found that food, like exercising or journaling or worship, is truly something that keeps me sharp and energized.  Not just in the regular sense of the word "energized" I mean duh, food fuels the body, yes, I know. But GOOD food... good food really puts me in a good mood, good food makes me feel so fortunate. I have been fortunate to stumble upon a few different health-conscious places while I've been here. Jane brought me to a great one not so long ago, so I took Mom here:  Coco Cook... seriously... how ADORABLE is that website?!?! 
Mommy @ CocoCook:
 Freaking amazing stickers:
 Needed a STARBUCKS boost after lunch! :D
This photo is a near replica of one from our trip to Paris 5 years ago:
Some of you may know that my love for art has grown and grown since I've been in Paris.  A topic that I thought I'd never be interested in, Medieval Art, has become something that really fascinates me! Thank you, Nancy Thebaut for being such an inspiration to me on this one.  I thought it would be cool to take Mom to one of the places I've really been wanting to go to: The Cluny Museum
Photo outside of the Cluny. No significance. Just a pic.
We had such a good time. Well, I did. Mom kind of looked like a horse standing up sleeping with her eyes open. Oh, jet lag. We decided to wander a little while in between the Cluny Museum visit and seeing Alyssa Bicos & her parents.  We strolled up through St. Germaine des-Pres and stumbled upon the area where we stayed when we came to visit Julia five years ago.  This area (around the Pantheon) has a wonderful open air market on the weekends.  Fortunately for us, there are also some stores that are open throughout the week.  These stores, to me, are the epitome of French lifestyle.  Not a lot of huge commercial one-stop-for-all type stores but store after store of specialty shops!  
CHEESE shop & WINE shop
(not pictured: meat shop & bread shop on either side)
 Fromage, fromage, fromage, I LOVE fromage!!!
Me in Cheese Heaven:
 Check out the size of those WHEELS of CHEESE!!!
Moving right on long, we met Alyssa and her parents in the Tuileries Gardens in front of the Louvre. It was the perfect time of evening for a rest with great friends.  Alyssa has been so dear to me in so many ways throughout our time together in Paris. She is clearly the beautiful product of two very special, loving parents.  Here are some photos of the Tuileries Gardens in the evening. 
Tuileries Gardens at dusk:
 Mommy :)
 That white tree is a piece from the current art instillation that is in the Tuileries Gardens
I can't believe I don't have any pictures with Alyssa's family? I don't know how this is possible?! Alyssa, do you have these photos?! Let me know... I need them!!

For those of you who are unaware or didn't read the posts previous to this gigantic one, Ms. Susan, Kendall, Mom and I visited Julia in 2005 while Julia was enrolled in the same program that I am in, now.  Kendall was in 8th grade and I was a Senior in high school.  While changes have taken place in each of our lives, our love for travel has not altered a bit!

Ms. Susan and Kendall arrived at our glam apartment on Friday and we hit the streets, immediately.  As we all love vintage and antique choses, we were lucky to have "Salon des Antiquités" -a temporary antique show- right down the street from our apartment!
So excited to be with my girls!
Loving some linen baby clothes:
 Checking out some art:
Trying on an incredible ring:
 I just adore old frames:
 Kendall & I making moves in the antique jewelry cases:
 Perusing some goods:
As we were remarkably close the Champs-Elysées, we found that it would be a perfect time to walk around the Arc de Triomphe and head to Louis Vuitton for some treasures :D (not like I hadn't been looking forward to another trip to LV... ha!)
Arc de Triomphe:
Ms. Susan, Kendall, me, Mom
 Ms. Susan & Mom
 Three American cuties in Paris:

Louis Vuitton
Yes, the same one that Alyssa and I went to when we first got to Paris.  The "Maison de Louis Vuitton" on the Champs-Elysées will probably not lose its magnificence in my eyes for quite some time...
 Read: "Maison Fondée en 1831"
I won't tell you what Mom & Ms. Susan walked out of LV with because it's none of my business to share but I have been waiting quite some time to purchase my Louis Vuitton Paris goodie... so I'll share what I got: 
The LV is gold, it just didn't show up that way with the flash on my laptop.
I like love it.
Kendall has been in the market for a Longchamp bag for some time now and what better place to get one than Paris? We headed over to the Ste. Sulpice area and I guided Kendall through her options of Hervé Chapelier vs. Longchamp, etc. She ended up with a terrific army-green large sac for -COLLEGE-.  Ugh. Can't believe that little baby is going away to school next year.
We scampered back to our apartment on Avenue Carnot and fixed a quick dinner.  At that point, Ms. Susan and Kendall were thoroughly jetlagged.  Not to mention, Saturday was flea market day... one must wake up early for such adventures!