Visitors in Paris -III-

Day 4: Neuilly-sur-Seine, Eiffel Tour, Le Marais
le dimanche
Sundays in France are so wonderful. There's no getting around that fact.  If everyday of my life was like a Sunday in France... well, I would basically be in heaven.  Nothing is open which you think would be a pain (and sometimes it is)... but if you really need to get something, you can always mosey over to the Marais, the Jewish quarter of Paris, and find all the streets open and bustling.
Another wonderful thing about Sundays in Paris: open air markets, particularly "mine" in Neuilly-sur-Seine.  The open air market in Neuilly-sur-Seine is especially lovely because there are virtually NO Americans or other tourists (until I get there.)  I really wanted to give my guests a feeling of French lifestyle by taking them to this open air market, so that is one of the things we did on Sunday. 
Before we went to the market, however, I took my visitors to a place that I've been telling Mom about for weeks: Eric Chauvin's "Un jour de fleurs"

Mom, in heaven:
ADORABLE florist who told me she would do my wedding flowers:
Me, asking her if it would be possible to fly her to the US to do floral arrangements for weddings. Preferably mine.
The bouquet I brought my host mom. Just because.
^what a cool combo, bright magenta flowers with fall leaves...
I love the market in Neuilly & was thrilled that my mom and I had time to explore this together.  I have been looking for things for my apartment for when I move back to Atlanta (huge smiles entered here) because my sister's apartment is so kick-A.  I just want to be like her. That's all. We didn't find any apartment jigs but I did walk away from the Market with a SWEET cashmere-silk blend forest green poncho that I'm borderline obsessed with.
Neuilly-sur-Seine Market with Mommy:
French kids have sweet (teeth), too:
Yes, this man is wearing a beret -- win. 
 Really want one of these cool tablecloths:
 I know that in the years to come I will look back on these pictures and be able to remember the smells and sounds of this market that I have grown to admire so much. And if I can't.. well, at least I'll have all these great pictures.
La Tour Eiffel
Le Marais
As I mentioned earlier (and probably in other posts), the Marais is the perfect place for Paris wonderers on Sundays.  Which is me, almost all of the time.  From finding the perfect place for lunch, falafel or couscous to locating sweet little art galleries, the Marais can easily fill up a Sunday afternoon.
We had the opportunity to meet up with Nancy for lunch and then walk around with her a bit, too. I had waited until Sunday to show my guests a few of my favorite French fashion chain stores because many if not all of them can be located in the Marais.  Here are my suggestions for a few favorite shops, taken from Lillian's Guide to Paris:
-Le Marais
*Stores: Kookai, American Retro, Maje, Sandro, Claudie Pierlot, etc.
*Lots of really, really cool art galleries/ art for sale
*tons of cafes
*Picasso Museum (closed until 2010.. bummer!!) & other small museums
Metro stop: St. Paul or Hotel de Ville (are the very closest for me, but there are tons of stops for the Marais.)
Photos with Nancy:

Day 5: Shopping & the Louvre
Mom & I on the balcony of our apartment:
Monday was Ms. Susan and Kendall's last day in Paris so they took care of some shopping activities of their own.  Mom and I scampered about Paris together, dashing into the Galleries Lafayette to seek out warm(er) clothing for me... aka more cashmere.  The hunt was a bust simply because their color selection was not up to par.  Nonetheless, our time together was precious and we enjoyed window shopping, etc.  Direct translation for window shopping? Lecher les fenetres = licking the windows!! 
PRINTEMPS window displays:
Theme this autumn? PRINTEMPS loves NEW YORK
We had lunch at one of my favorite spots: Naked by "Jour" a little "green" place that features simple, healthy, natural foods.  A HUGE bonus? One just opened directly down the street from my host home!!! After lunch we headed to the Louvre where we met Ms. Susan and Kendall for a guided tour.  "Guided" by yours truly :) (this is where my class at the Louvre has really come in handy!)
A metro ad that I adore:
I love the celebration of this girl's curves.

On the way to the Louvre:

Diane la chasseresse

They had had enough of my tour!!!
(off to see the *must sees* of the Louvre...)

Wings of Victory:
Smiling... with Mona Lisa

Art installation in the Tuileries Gardens:

^^What sort of message is this? 
United we stand? Divided we fall? Apart? ^^
Ms. Susan letting her feet rest: