Visitors in Paris -II-

Day 3: Flea Market & Vintage Finds
Four ladies very ready for another day of shoppin'!
Metro pics... Kendall & Ms. Susan matched the chairs:
World's finest flea marketing = PARIS:
I didn't buy this one, but I did get two other awesome antique/vintage 
prints for my apartment in Atlanta:
 Taken for my future-surgeon-of-a-boyfriend:
Some sort of odd craft booth we came across while in the flea market:

I'm hoping Kendall has more pictures from our morning of antiquing & flea marketing near Clignancourt.
*See below for a full list of my recommendations for Flea Marketing. 
**See my post "Vintage Paris" for my recommendations for Vintage shopping.

We were very cold after our morning of flea marketing in the shadows of the market stands and tents so... we had to make a trip... to Starbucks.
I have wanted to go to Les Trois Marches de Catherine B  ever since settling into my life here in Paris. Of course I waited to go with three of the finest ladies I know, for my first experience.  
 Kendall & I outside of "Catherine B"
 Catherine B is famous for a reason.  She accepts only the finest quality of vintage Chanel and Hermes products.  Take a gander at these incredible mint-condition Hermes scarves: click here.  Her two stores are hardly large enough to do a full 360 in but the products are truly remarkable.  Catherine B, herself, was in her in Hermes shop when we visited. Ever the Parisian, she was fairly cold and quiet.  Mom & Ms. Susan each walked away from her boutique with stunning Hermes scarves. Win, win.
-Les Trois Marche de Catherine B
*specializing in vintage CHANEL & HERMES
A: left bank, 1 rue Guisarde (6th)            
M: Mabillon, ligne 10;  Ste Germaine des Pres, ligne 4; Odeon, lignes 4 & 10; Ste Sulpice, ligne 4
The area around "Catherine B." is more or less considered St. Germaine des-Pres, where we were on Friday.  I love this area and was happy that the girls were able to enjoy walking the streets with all the adorable shops and look into the cute patisseries.
Beautiful Sainte Germaine des Pres, the oldest church in Paris:
Fabulous little cafe across from the church:
Many of you know that the Charles family had a very special guest in our home during the Spring of 2007, Laurent Surjous.  Laurent spent a year in Myrtle Beach, SC at Myrtle Beach High School after finishing his high school experience in Paris.  
Laurent now lives in Paris with his family and is in his third year of law school.  He took us to his school which is directly in front of the Pantheon!
 Laurent's law school:
It was so great to see Laurent after all these years.  We look forward to seeing him again when my whole family returns to Paris for Thanksgiving in November.  

*See below for a full list of my recommendations for Flea Marketing. 

(taken from "Lillian's Guide to Paris")
Les Puces de Saint-Ouen
A: just outside of the 18th; 48 rue Jules Valleés                        M : Saint Ouen
Hours : Sat-Mon 7 :30a-6p
*This is the largest flea market in Paris (in Europe?)
*Parts of it are dangerous.  Be careful!

Best shops within Les Puces de Saint-Ouen
-Dauphine Market A: 140 rue des Rosiers
*2 floors of antiques from all different periods + book shoppe

-Le Monde du Voyage IN Marché Serpette A: 108 rue des Rosiers -> stand 15, allée 3
-Voyage Boutique IN Marché Serpette A: 108 rue des Rosiers -> stand 10
-Paul Bert Market:  A : 96 rue des Rosiers
*relaxed flea market atmosphere where some of the world’s most famous decorators come to find their treasures
*220 dealers

Marche aux Puces de la Porte de Varuves
A: ave Georges Lafenestre & ave Marc Sangnier
*Weekends until 1p
*On ave George Laf, open all day long
*paintings, trinkets, jewelry, time pieces, photos

Marche Parisien de la Creation
A: b/w rue du Depart & rue de la Gaite … foot of Montparnasse Tower
M: Montparnasse Bienvenue, ligne 4; Edgar Guinet, ligne 6
*Sundays! 10a-7p
*art, jewelry, crafts