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So, my mom is coming to Paris this week (on Thursday) to visit me and I could NOT be more excited!!!  Ms. Susan, my mom' s best friend, and Kendall, Ms. Susan's daughter, will arrive on Friday morning.  I know. I am so lucky!!!
The four of us scathed Paris together exactly five years ago while my sister, Julia was here doing the same program that I am in now.  Missy Hanna Speir was also studying in Paris that semester.  Good times.  Julia & Missy will be missed this time around.

Mom, Julia, Ms. Susan, Kendall (who is now taller than me), Me, Missy

Because I am a "completionist" and a tad bit obsessive... I've made a large reference list for the four of us.  It is comprised mostly of places to shop (surprise, surprise): flea markets, vintage boutiques, my favorite French chain stores, etc. I've worked very hard on the list and it's rather long so I figured it would be nice to just post bits & pieces of it every once in a while.   I'm posting about the Vintage stores first because I've already visited some of them and even went to a vintage convention with my sweetheart, Alyssa. 

Here are some of the photos I took at the convention: 
 a semi-aerial shot of the convention:
 awesome vintage shades:
 the vest that I made Alyssa purchase :D
vintage jewelry:
Reciproque is the largest vintage store in Paris & is lined wall to wall with French designer items from Chloe & Dior to Hermes and Louis Vuitton.  They have belts, shoes, skirts, dresses, intimates, gowns, vests, furs, everything!! 
Loving all the shoes that were in this store buuuut since my feet are SO "grande" 
it was hard to find stuff that fit just right.
My photos are not very good quality at all, but I hope that this gives you an idea of what's in store at Reciproque.  The store clerks are not very kind but it's worth it to go in and take a gander at the dozens of beautiful Chanel tweed suits they have!!
Lillian's Vintage Paris List
*largest designer consignment in Paris
A: 89 rue de la Pompe (16
th)              M: Rue de la Pompe

-Les Archives de la Presse
*tons of vintage prints
A: 51 rue des archives

*Mélange of new & old in the Marais
A: 111 Blvd Beaumarchais                        M: Sébastien-Froissart, ligne 8

-Les Trois Marche de Catherine B
*specializing in vintage CHANEL & HERMES
A: left bank, 1 rue Guisarde (6
M: Mabillon, ligne 10;  Ste Germaine des Pres, ligne 4; Odeon, lignes 4 & 10; Ste Sulpice, ligne 4

*a smaller vintage shop, but it still made the Travel+Leisure Vintage list.
A: 3 rue Clément-Marot (off of Ave Montaigne) (8th)

-WK Accessories
*second hand Prada, Dior, Cartier, Louis Vuitton
A: 5 rue de Marché St Honoré
à Goyard is right down the street on Rue St. Honoré
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