Les Chaussures

Les Chaussures
Lord, forgive me, for I lust... frequently... for shoes.

I could just SWIM in shoes if given the chance... maybe that should be on my bucket list: swim in shoes.  
have them beautifully arranged like this:

Or swim in handbags... preferably Louis Vuitton, seeing as I have waited in TWO lines too long now to enter the stores here in Paris.  ANYWAY!

I think about shoes all the time. Really. No, seriously... I do... because I'm walking for miles every day and one has no choice but to think of her feet and how they're feeling. Ahem, and looking.  I find that my feet feel finest (say that 5x fast -- "I feel that my feet feel finest") when wearing super lovely shoes.  So, I'm making a recommendation list* for PARIS walking around & frolicking about.    

*Yes, I do own most of the shoes on the list but come on, I wouldn't recommend something to you if I hadn't already tested them out all around Paris...

A gal's gotta have good boots in Europe. Period.
I found these stunning pair of Frye boots at Neiman Marcus this summer and then again online right before leaving for Paris.  

Nancy is also a huge fan of Frye boots so, obviously, I'm not steering anyone in the wrong direction here.  This particular boot comes in several colors. I have the black but I really think that the other lighter colors are quite becoming because the Huarache detail is more noticeable.  Find the boot at, and many other online boot stores; including  View Nordstrom's current fall Frye collection here.
In addition, I have had more than a handful of French people compliment me on these!

Right now there are beaucoup, beaucoup, beaucoup options for "flats" but let me tell you the finest option:  Atillio Giuili Ambruni flats.  
You can find them all in the best neutral colors and a couple funky colors, too (mostly online.)  These may be out of the price range of most people's budgets for a good flat but ecoutez-moi!! These flats will last you a million years, they have hard leather bottoms unlike other flats on the market which have remarkably thin rubber soles.  
Break the bank for this one pair and you will be set on flats for the next several years of your life. Plus! They run a tad narrow and come in larger sizes than some other (cheaper) companies make.  I found mine at Nordstrom but they are available on a few different websites online.  ShopStyle, in particular, has a variety of AGL's in different styles (not just flats.)

You can kiss your stilettos goodbye if you want to be comfortable walking around Paris!  From the cobble stone streets to the metro stairs, you're going to want to wear a thick kitten heel or a wedge if you need a little added height on a night out with the girls.  A great example of a sexy wedge is this: 
KORS wedges found at NORDSTROM... love*!
*I must make note, however, of the fact that this wedge is stacked on wood... uncomfortable? Potentially!
My choice wedge is by Camper, a company that specializes in comfort + artistic style.   This brand is not for everyone and sometimes it takes some perusing before you find the right style for you but if you look, you'll usually end up with a good-fitting-gem-of-a-shoe.  Check out other Camper wedge styles on  

Yes, driving shoes. In Paris.  Although they are a little difficult to wear with some of the skirts I packed, they are a sweet finishing touch with any type of jean (boot cut, skinny, etc.) 
Most importantly, they are the perfect break from restricting flats & heavy boots.  Driving shoes, of course, can be found at any price but I found mine for $99 at Dillards in Myrtle Beach and they have been GREAT! Click here to see the array of colors that Cole Haan offers in their "Trillby Driving Shoe."  
Mine are tan leather; I seriously suggest the patent leather in either gray or tortoise shell because patent leather is more weather proof than a lighter pair of leather shoes.  
For some reason, I've warn these the most when walking cobble stone streets. There's something about the durability of the sole and the flexibility of the thick, thick rubber bottom that makes me feel less likely to turn my ankles in these.  FYI.

Pack these along side your AGL's or only pack one.  If your goal is to be mistaken for a PARISIAN... you're going to need Ballerinas!  I love these champagne ones:
which were featured in Atlanta Homes & Lifestyles Magazine and are sold in my favorite Atlanta boutique, Ann Mashburn.  There are a hundreds of brands that sell ballerinas once you get to Paris but beware of the not-s0-nicely made ones!  The particular brand sold in Ann Mashburn's shop are flats are by "Pretty Ballerinas." Indulge!!
Lastly, you gotta have your 

I found mine once I got to Paris at the place to go for cool tennis shoes: Citadium.  

These shoes are available through ShopStyle and they come in several different color combinations.  Black, gray & white has been perfect for me as they are a good neutral and go well with my black yoga pants which I wear to walk around the park in, as well as my denim jeans & white jeans. 

Hope this is helpful to fellow travelers!! Take care of your feets :)