Le Centre Pompidou

One of my favorite memories from the very first trip that my family made to France was our visit to the Pompidou Museum of Modern Art, en francais: le Centre Pompidou.  Americans who know a little about Paris may recognize the Pompidou Museum as the big modern building with a red tube that runs diagonally up the one side.
As you ascend the multiple floors of the museum by escalator, the most amazing view of the Paris skyline unfolds before you.  This view alone is literally worth the line to get a ticket into the museum. (Below: Eiffel Tour, Hotel de Ville and the Sacre Coeur)
I wanted to visit the Pompidou not only because I had such fond memories of it from my first visit, but because a current exhibit that they have is on women's artwork. So what? Well, think about it. How many pieces of art that you stumble upon in the Musee d'Orsay or the Louvre are by female artists? Exactly. Very few, if any. I really liked the way the museum chose to display the art, the way things were categorized, and the manner that they interwove certain feminist-artist-activists' voices into the exhibition. click here <-- to see rundown of the names of female artists who are on display (just until February 2011!)
Please read :)
I'm SO sorry I don't know the name of the artist for this multi-media sculpture but I just love this! You might not be able to tell but it was HUGE!
Simone de Beauvoir:
"One is not born woman, one becomes woman"
Other pieces I enjoyed:
Love this girl's boots:
Georges ROUAULT:

I'm going insane. My internet or SOMETHING hasn't allowed me to upload more photos to this post for the past several days that I've been trying to publish this. Will add more later and re-publish, soon.