Happy Mardi, Ya'll!

The week is off to a GREAT start and it's going to get even better.  I can't wait for my mom to get to Paris on jeudi!! Ms. Susan & Kendall will arrive first thing in the morning on vendredi!! 

I am still learning so much in my Atelier d'ecriture class (grammar and writing) that I take at the Sweetbriar College site which is in Alliance Francaise.  My professor for this course keeps me laughing for the entire 90 minutes of class, every class.  Tomorrow, mercredi, is my favorite day of the week because I have my art history class at the Louvre. I'm so, so excited to relay to my guests (Mom, Ms. Susan & Kendall) all the cool facts I've learned about various paintings in the Louvre.   

I have a few pieces of good news to share! 
1) Doctors Without Borders

I will be attending the Inaugural Conference of a new series started by Sweetbriar College JYF (my program).  The speaker & topic? Speaker: Dr. Rony Brauman, former President of Médecins Sans Frontières.  The lecture: Catastrophes naturelles, mythes et réalités (l'expérience de MSF).  I could not be more excited.  Please roll over the words "Médecins Sans Frontières" to visit the Doctors Without Borders website.  This worldwide team of doctors has captured my attention since the first time I learned of them, in high school.  I am hoping that a semester of living abroad (hopefully improving my French!) and then nursing school will prepare me to work with and for an organization such as Médecins Sans Frontières.  I feel so blessed to have the opportunity to be a part of this conference.  

2) Last night, lundi, I took a NIA class in PARIS!!  

I have been practicing NIA on and off for about a year and half.  It started out as a way to get out of my dorm room to shake my sillies out and has grown into a true love of mine.  A combination of martial arts, yoga and dance arts (and I would add "a tad of silliness" to the list), NIA is about growing as an individual and truly feeling comfortable in ones own skin.  I recommend to anyone, of any age or gender. 
When I first started taking NIA classes, I randomly looked up where else in the world NIA classes were provided: Paris. Check.  On Youtube, there are lots of videos of one French woman in particular.  I assumed that that woman was the leader of large NIA conference, etc.  Maybe she is... but she was also my instructor last night!!! I was so, so, so thrilled to a) be in the class with all these awesome French woman, enjoying what I love so much and b) to be in this woman's class.  My first class cost 10Euros... after that they are 16Euros. So, I'll just go ahead & set up a donation PayPal account and you guys can just filter in cash for me for NIA classes in Paris. THANKS!
Here are some great links to check out if you are interested in learning more about this mysterious "NIA" concept:
If you've been in France lately than you've passed by, walked through, or bought up "Comptoir des Cotonniers"  because how could you not? All of their clothes are sooo marvelous.  So, my third "hoo-RAH!" on my list is just the fact that I went today & got some goodies. That is all! :)

4) Jeff taught me how to take pictures while talking on Google Chat-Video
I took a LOT of photos after he told me how to do this.
This is my favorite:

Happy MARDI, Ya'll!