Versailles -III-

Versailles continued...

May I just start by informing/reminding my readers that Versailles is a very large place, therefore, we did a lot... and I mean A LOT of walking on our day trip. A girl's gotta take a load off once in a while and why not do just that in spectacular company???
The last thing we did before leaving Versailles was tour Marie-Antoinette's grounds and properties. This was such a marvelous time for us that we decided to celebrate her and all she stood for in the most decadent way....
yes, macaroons, eclairs, tarts and chocolates!
We ate all of these treats during our "Marie-Antoinette Party" after dinner in Neuilly-sur-Seine.
*Oh and we got free bread!!*
Dinner in Neuilly-sur-Seine:
After all that dinner and with champagne and treats to follow,
a girl's gotta have her "comfy pants":
^leggings, yoga pants and pajama pants for everyone!
With the trundle beds pushed together, we snuggled up in our cozy clothes with our champagne and boulangerie purchases to watch "Marie Antoinette" the movie:
Elizabeth (Northwestern), Alyssa (Univ of S. Calif), Mimi (Bates), Sarah (Haverford), Sasha (Northwestern)