i have been feeling SO thankful and grateful the past few days.
honestly, i have already learned so much just in the week and day that i have been on my own here. one of the lessons that i'm really getting a hand on is taking the bad with the good and visa versa, as (hopefully) evident from my second post.

today i wore these bad boys (bought for comfort NOT style...):

and got les ampoules from like... literally... hell.

but guess what? when i got to le jardin, I kicked my shoes off and walked through the grass.

just wondering...
how often do you walk through any area of grass, barefoot?

no, seriously?


(^^ in case you have forgotten what grass looks like
need some inspiration to go find some to walk in. barefoot.)

hello... it's so good for your feet. the grass was so cool and fresh under my skins, it felt amazing. sure there was like liquid coming out of my heel-blisters but whatever. it's good for to walk on natural ground. it really is. it works the muscles in the feet.

also, I honest to goodness never knew how many friends i had before i

a) left for France

b) started a blog
okay, maybe no one has anything to do with their time during the day but whatever, i'm so grateful to have had so much correspondence with this blog, already. my dad thinks i need to give instructions on how to comment on the blog but i don't think it's necessary (ahem, just go to the bottom and click on the comment that's already there, then add your own.)

either way, i wore this necklace out tonight:
my host mother promptly told me that she likes "les caniches" but not with that particular haircut. hey, to each their own.

On a more serious note, things really are going well. i am quite surprised by the number and quality of friends i have met here.

i'm also still experiencing major jet lag. or something.
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