School Days

News from Paris: I have started my courses for the fall semester! This has been both exciting and exhausting. I have two courses at the Sweetbriar College site, which is in the Alliance Francais building, and two courses at the Paris Diderot University of Paris (also known as "Paris VII")
View from Sweetbriar's "Office" of Classrooms:
Might not look like much but it's absolutely beautiful in person.
That big white dome is "Sacre Coeur"

Here is my schedule:
Lundi & Mardi: Writing & Grammar class @ the Sweetbriar College site from 3-4:30pm
--> My professor for this course is incredible!!!!! She teaches four classes for SBC and everyone who has her absolutely adores her. She is hilarious and extremely charismatic. There are certain aspects of the French language that I never thought that I would understand and within two classes this week, she has given me tools to use to remember certain tricky rules! She's so awesome. This class is also good for me because when I leave I don't feel totally overwhelmed, I feel empowered and more sure of myself and my understanding.

Mercredi: Art History class @ Sweetbriar office from 3:30-5pm and then @ THE LOUVRE from 6-7:30pm
--> My first art history class ever and I get to spend half of it at the LOUVRE! I can't even believe my fortune. Yesterday was our first class and I was a bit overwhelmed while we were in the classroom but the Sweetbriar academic coordinator encouraged me to go to the Louvre at night with the class (because that is part of the class) to try to see if I wanted to stay in the course... boy. do. I. ever!!! We spent close to two hours in front of three paintings that were completed in the Middle Ages. I couldn't believe all I learned in one sitting ... and I really mean one "sitting" because we sit on the floor, in the Louvre, with our professor in front of the painting while he lectures. It is incredible.

Here is one of the paintings we heard a lecture on:
I believe the painter is unknown. The date of the painting is between 1414-1416.

My two Thursday courses are at "Paris VII" in the 13th arrondisement:
This is obviously a photo from their website, I will try to remember to take some of my own!
The campus is very, very new and modern which is a cool/weird switch from all of the very, very old structures that I'm usually in.

Jeudi: "Psychology and its contribution to love life" @ Paris VII from 10a-1p (KILLER)
A series of Psychology texts that have to do with who loves who and why, attraction, etc. accompanied with seven books about women and love.
At least, I hope that this is what the course is about because that is what I understood from class, today :)

"Women & Institutions" @ Paris VII from 2-4p
Have you read Foucault? Thankfully I have (Thank you, Dr. Hackett & Feminist Theory course... whew!) Foucault's work is about institutions and the way they shape humans to behave the way they do. I am really excited to learn what the French have to say about how institutions shape women's behavior as well as sculpting the spheres of work they enter, etc.
I believe this course will be heavily based on theory and philosophy reading... so I'll probably die. Fortunately, I have completed all of the requirements for my Women's Studies major and so I will just be trying to figure out what is going on in class for the sake of understanding French better...