Marche aux pouces: Tours, France (le dimanche continued)

There is nothing finer than roaming about the streets (or, if in the U.S., the isles) of a good flea market. This passion grew from a much hated activity: following my mom around antique stores when I was younger with my two siblings. In present day, Julia and I relish in the idea of sweet finds at our favorite flea markets. Let me just say that if I had all the euros in the world, a grand amount would have been spent at the flea market I went to on le dimanche (Sunday) in Tours, France... where there was a little something for everyone.

Boulevard Beranger (I drew the trees there to help me remember, okay?)
is the hotspot for selling great jigs. Like flowers. Or antiques.

Available on Boulevard Beranger on Wednesday & Saturdays
The two things I was DYING to buy:
vintage Louis
7 amazing painted plates
120 euros
(should I set up a PayPal account for people to send me monies?)

Sweet Sasha looking @ a beautiful vase in the flea market:
Beautiful French kitchen/cuisine things:
Gorgeous antique books:
(wish they weren't so heavy... I wanted to buy tons for my ATL-apartment-to-be!)
For Julia:
For Ms. Susan:
LINENS!!! Ahh! Wanted all of them, they are SO beautiful and well-preserved:
This looks like what I would register for a wedding... or ya know, give someone for their wedding...
Birds for Sarah Beth:
Paintings for Mama:
vintage Louis for... everyone!
(because why not?)
And a mirror for me:
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