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It's 1am in the morning (my time) and I've finally gotten the chance to sit down with my computer and write a little.
I'm not sure what should be present on my blog and what shouldn't be so for now, I'll just say I'm missing home and feeling like the next few months might not go by as quickly as I have thought. It's hard to adjust to a new family (or in my case, a new couple) after having just lived with Helene in Tours for a little over two weeks.
The home that I'm in is truly sensational in terms of room and design. The home is three floors, not including a basement.
Dining room:

Sitting area or "den"

I live alone on the third floor. There is another girl from my program, Kelsey, who is here too. We each have our own showers but we share the toilet with the hosts. The hosts were a little surprised (read: upset??) that I am vegetarian and they have asked me if I eat chicken about 100x already. The answer is, "rarely" every time they ask.
Thankfully, on my first night here we had salmon. Unfortunately for me, I'm not so good with pulling the meat off of a fish and leaving the bones. After some awkward attempts at de-boning my piece completely... I munched on some bones in the fish. Not a joke. I'm hoping that
"bone" counts as some form of nutrition.
Although I was pretty -meurh- about being so far from the center of Paris... I actually am loving Neuilly already. Our host dad took us on a walk around the neighborhood (well, it's really considered a town) this morning. The current president of the Republic of France, Nicholas Sarkozy, was the mayor of this little "town" before he became president. It is an extremely prestigious area, something my host father told us repeatedly, and very safe. Check, check.
"Hotel de Ville"
(but actually it's like "City Hall")

"Winston Churchill Place"

Boulangerie :)

Yes, another floral shop!!
After our tour of the Neuilly-sur-Seine area, Kelsey and I had lunch with the Rendus and then set out for Paris on our own.
I met up with Sasha, Mimi, Sarah, Elizabeth and Alyssa. Our meeting place? Oh, jee, why not meet at the bottom of the Eiffel Tower??
Me & Elizabeth:
Elizabeth, Sasha, Me, Mimi, Sarah & Alyssa:
Upon finishing our "photo shoot" in front of the Eiffel Tower (no big deal!), we literally walked around for hours, amazed that we were/are in Paris. We were also amazed that we couldn't find a bathroom anywhere too close but, hey, that's neither here nor there.



Oh! Harry Winston...
Walking... well, Sarah needed a break then & there

Still on the move...

Scenic shot:

AND more walking... a good taste of what it feels like to live in Paris!!!
Once we were all thoroughly tired and cranky, we sat down at a restaurant across from the Jardin de Tuileries and had snacks, cafes and drinks.
The absolute best part of my day MIGHT have been that I was able to get home without having a breakdown... once Alyssa & I found the right metro station to enter, I was ready to celebrate:
(with a photo, that is.)

Well, sorry this was a blow by blow of my first day in Paris but I took so many pictures that I just thought, hey, why not? Tomorrow Kelsey & I are going to the market with our host mom, Brigitte, which I am very excited about. As of right now, it's nearly 2am and I'm hungry!! Mom, you gotta bring me some Cliff bars. Among tons of other choses.

A demain, loves.
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