"Life is so easy. Why must you go and make it difficult?"

Oh!! Where to start?? Today was SUCH a better day!!
I feel like Julie from "Julie & Julia" --- except Mom & I don't like how much Amy Adams has to whiiine in that movie. Lawd. Plus, I don't have people writing me tips about cooking. Yet.

Anyway. Today we had a fabulous discussion in -- wait on it-- classe de conversation. It was about immigration and the issues that the US and France have with enforcing laws, etc.

Well, I hope that's what it was about, that what I talked about, at least.

Classe de grammaire... oohhh la la x 487. My soul have I forgotten a lot of rules in French grammar. Although I am honestly no darn good at grammar, I get a little excited about it simply because it's not something entirely new... it's more like something that I have to pull (or... yank) out of my brain from forever ago.

This is what I keep my notes in:
Honestly, I don't want anyone to get jealous but, I understand if you are. My mom gave it to me. I know, it's amazing.

Now, I simply must write about our little trip to the Chateau de Chenonceau (say it with me "Shat-oh de Sh-non-so", it's gorgeous... and yes, that was my best attempt at phonetics.)
My photos of this place are borderline shameful because the place is SO exquisite, I could never capture all of its beauty.

Well, the front of it was under renovation but, ca se passe quelquefois.
The royal family bought the plot for the chateau from a very rich family.
The only structure the royal family left standing was this one ^^
They destroyed the chateau that was there before Chenonceau.
"Dating back to Francois I, made of sculpted wood and painted, it bears, on the left, the arms of Thomas Bohler, on the right, those of his wife Katherine Briconnet (the builders of Chenonceau" -visitors guide
^potted flowers for Mama
^ i adore this photo.
The kitchen area was mine and my friend Sasha's favorite (indoor) site.

The chateau is really quite remarkable, of course, but it is also very well-known for its (many) gorgeous gardens, which is what I enjoyed the very, very most.

I must tell you all (because so many people are reading, right? I like to flatter myself...) about the BEST part of my day.

I purposefully lost myself.

Yes, it was magnificent. I stepped off of the train and walked in a few circle eights around the surrounding blocks of where I was. And I didn't look at any street signs. I wish that someone could literally document this for me because I swear to you, all during this time I was smiling like a goon. And I'll have you all know that France, as a whole, does not smile. Yes, I did indeed lose myself, just to find myself all over again. My map and I are back on good terms.
When I told my mere d'acceuil this story this evening at dinner, she couldn't stop laughing. I said, "What? I needed to prove to myself that I know how to use a map after all the crazy losing-myself yesterday..."

Her response?

"Life is so easy. Why must you go and make it difficult?"

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