N'inquiete pas, tout sera bien

N' inquiete pas, tout sera bien.
"Don't worry everything will be alright."

Well, I hope so. Today started off fairly rough. I have been debating all day whether I should blog about the not so fun things... frustrating things.
Donc, it wouldn't be a real blog if I didn't write about some negative things. Mais, n'inquiete pas.

I've promised myself that for however many bad things I list about today, I must write at least as many good things (aren't you proud, Mom?)

Au premier, the bad:
1) My favorite necklace snapped this morning & beads flew everywhere.

2) My genius sense of direction (ha!!) failed me.
Just when I was gathering up the courage to scamper about town without a map, I got lost on the way to school.
The first day of school, mind you.

3) Two people were depending on me to get them to school (by virtue of following me.)
a. Therefore they were late, too.

4) When we got to school... I couldn't figure out how to get into the school.

5) I was late to my first class... obviously.

6) I was late to my second class
a. I went into the wrong class
b. I went into a second wrong class (this time I actually sat in the class for a while... awkward x 1,000)
c. I found my last class, finally
(trial by elimination, bien sur)
I was 10 minutes late.

7) I got lost on the way back to school for a meeting.

8) I called one of my favorite people in the program by the wrong name.
I 1 bazillion percent know/knew her name.
I have proof.
I wrote about her in my first group email.

9) I straight up CRIED when my mere d'acceuil asked me about my first day of classes.

10) My mere d'acceuil corrected me about 400x tonight at le diner.

11) I talked about my dying great-aunt at dinner tonight.
It was awkwardly received.
Perhaps not good dinner conversation.

(la vie en rose)
1) N'inquiete pas!
gotta love

2) I did manage to get myself home after the two meetings at school.
I'm not giving up on my map skills... they will improve.

3) I could never complain about my walk home,
the garden I walk through is breathtaking.

(photos don't even begin to do this place justice)

4) Jeff got on FACEBOOK to tell me that he missed me...
Jeff never, ever, EVER... EVER uses facebook.
I am touched.
...thank you for loving me from afar, Jeffy.

5) I learned how to store contacts in my brick of a French cell phone.

6) I had a great lunch of smoked salmon over lentils with tomatoes.

7) I had a great cafe au lait, too.

8) My mere d'acceul made a dish for dinner that I'd never had.
And I awkwardly asked for a photo of it.
my best description of this is: potatoes clumped together in a pan by cheese to form a pie of sliced potatoes.

9) i washed my hair.
I know you were all waiting for it.
Ahem, I was going for a very sleek, European look.

10) I washed my own vetements in the sink.
(Of course, I found out at dinner that our mere d'acceuil was ready for us to bring our laundry down but... hey, how was I supposed to know the washer/dryer was in the basement?
I didn't think there was one.
Anyway, I felt super thrifty-nifty for taking care of some of my laundry on my own.)

11) Tomorrow is a new day.
A new adventure.

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